1996 Wilco

Forget Ryan Seacrest, this is a great listen to ring in 2013 (especially Box Full of Letters starting around min 24):

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2012 In Social Media

Nice infographic recapping the year in social media (amazing how time flies): Infographic: The Year In Social Media, A 2012 Recap Here’s to 2013!

Social Media Marketing Sizes Cheat Sheet

We use this as our internal “cheat sheet” for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ at Harrelson Agency for finding the right size for images and texts. It’s a great quick reference to help our clients get the job done. You can grab a copy from Scribd below or use this……

Chosing Your Services and Apps Wisely

Sounds like Chris and I went on a similar journey of finding better apps to do what we do: Goodbye ubiquitous digital service | Chris Webb: “Over the past months I’ve been transitioning away from a number of the digital services and apps I use. Honestly I didn’t set out to do it, rather it……

How to Make “Khan” Videos

Khan Academy | What software program / equipment is use…: “Sal uses a PC with: Camtasia Recorder ($200*) SmoothDraw3(Free) Wacom Bamboo Tablet ($80) My students and I have been using Khan Academy videos to help us in our studies of pre-Algebra over the past fall. While there have been some kinks and bumps, the experience……

Don’t Get Borked by Your Netflix Viewing

What fiscal cliff? Now we’ve got Netflix frictionless social sharing thanks to Congress! Your Netflix rental data: coming to a Facebook timeline near you soon | Media | guardian.co.uk: “We are pleased that the Senate moved so quickly after the House,’ a Netflix spokesperson told Talking Points Memo on Wednesday. ‘We plan to introduce social……

Happy Holidays from a Point of Pale Light

One of my favorite pages on Wikipedia (and yes, our planet is going to get real interesting in a few hundred thousand years): Timeline of the far future – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “Due to its northward movement along the San Andreas Fault, the Californian coast begins to be subducted into the Aleutian Trench. Africa……

Learning And the Fragility of the Web

Kevin Marks has a great post connecting the notion of necessary complexity with the state of the web and our willingness to throw all of our content (pics, music, text etc) into the hands of silos and walled garden social media networks: Epeus’ epigone: The Antifragility of the Web: “If you’ve read Nasim Taleb’s Antifragile,……

Congress Drops Requirement to Obtain Warrant to Monitor Email

Disturbing that our notion of electronic presence is so different than our notion of physical presence (the government can’t go through your mailbox on your lawn, but going through your mailbox in a Google server is no problem) and that our law surrounding electronic communications are based on 1986 paradigms: Congress, at Last Minute, Drops……

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Collards for Christmas

Nom nom nom… Collard Greens, How To Cook Collard Greens, Mess O’ Greens, History and Recipe of Collard Greens: “Collard greens became the official vegetable of South Carolina when Governor Nikki Haley signed Senate Bill No. 823 (S823) into Law on June 2, 2011.” One of my favorite parts of being from SC is our……

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Missing Sylvia

It was hard enough to lose Schaefer back in September, but it’s also hard to look back at all the great pups I’ve had the privilege to share a few years with like Sylvia Blue (the infamous 3 legged husky): Miss that old smelly dog these days.

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The Power of Selling Out

Fantastic… “Building an audience is only half the battle. In order to monetize your work, you need to monetize your audience and figure out who you can sell them to.”

What Google Reader Might Have Been

I miss reading my friends and people I learned from daily via RSS in (the old) Google Reader. Here’s an amazing walkthrough of what could have been… Google’s Lost Social Network: “Pre-Twitter, it was the essential aggregation tool for news and information junkies. But Reader had also became a social network in its own right.……

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Discovery in Your Comments

Disqus keeps improving both as a commenting and discussion platform but especially as an advertising platform. Disqus gets in right in a critical way. They aren’t selling their advertising strategy to only publishers or only advertisers. They also aren’t leaving out users. Just as we talk of Discovery as a combination of three things (paid……

Willie and Trigger

It’s amazing to think that one instrument has pretty much provided the soundtrack of my life: Trigger: Texas Monthly December 2012: “Without Willie, there would be no Trigger. And it’s only a slight exaggeration to say that without Trigger, there would be no Willie. Willie likes to say that his guitar will probably wear out……

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