Month: August 2018

Keyword Research Tips

Good overview of keyword research here. Too many people neglect the usefulness of thinking through important terms and keywords in their web site’s content or blog posts. If you ask a Googler how to rank better in their search engine, they’ll tell you to “write great content.” That’s true but deliberately thinking about your “main …

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Vestigial notion of “screen time”

He says “the idea of limiting screen time to the two hours a day of ‘quality educational screens’ is really a vestige of the television era that doesn’t apply today,” when kids do homework online and use tablets in school. — Read on

Batman doesn’t believe in God anymore

In the story, Catwoman leaves Batman, whose secret identity is billionaire Bruce Wayne, at the altar. This leaves Wayne in a questioning state, where he explores his life and reflects on his theological background — he had been raised as a Christian by his father, Thomas.In one exchange with another character, Wayne is asked, “Do …

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Episode 148: Faith Is a Boomerang

The Rev. Lauren Larkin joins Sam to discuss birthing pangs in Genesis, the merits of demythologizing, and Dialectical Theology in the 21st Century. Special Guest: Lauren R.E. Larkin. Support Thinking Religion Links: – The intersection of everyday life and theology SanctaColloquia (@SanctaColloquia) | Twitter Genesis 3 The God Who Saves: A Dogmatic Sketch: David …

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