WWW Turns 30

And most important of all, citizens must hold companies and governments accountable for the commitments they make, and demand that both respect the web as a global community with citizens at its heart. If we don’t elect politicians who defend a free and open web, if we don’t do our part to foster constructive healthy conversations online, if we continue to click consent without demanding our data rights be respected, we walk away from our …

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Next phase of the web

That’s what Peach is for. It is a place to be real with people who’ve chosen to be real with you. It’s friendly, it’s therapeutic, it’s cathartic. It’s necessary. When it’s not around, those of us who use it go a little bit mad. We’ve come to lean on confessing out loud. And there are no priests left who can be trusted any more. The only thing we can trust is benign neglect. Is that …

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Breaking Gender Biased Language

How can we transition to a gender-balanced world, if these biases remain part of our vernacular?  ELaN Languages, an independent translation organisation in Belgium, wants to tackle our unconscious bias by updating their online translation tool with a new feature: ‘the unbias button’. The plug-in offers unbiased translations of biased words. Making us aware of our unconscious bias by translating bias words, such as job titles, into gender-neutral words. Source: A NEW PRODUCT FEATURE TO BREAK …

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Goodbye, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Hello World.

Today starts the liturgical season of Lent. Around 12:03AM this morning (or last night, depending on your biological sense of time), I committed the ultimate mind crime of deleting my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Well, I began the process of deleting them since each of these advertising companies give you a 30-day “grace” period for you to “make sure” that you really want to disengage from the machine. But, it’s time. It’s time for …

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The Moral Checklist

Merianna and Sam discuss old friends, new parenting techniques while attempting to figure out what makes the church different from the garden club. Support Thinking Religion Links: The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting – The New York Times Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life: Henri J. M. Nouwen: 9780385236829: Gateway Turtles All the Way Down (0615145024912): John Green: Gateway Old Turtle (Lessons of Old Turtle): Douglas Wood, Cheng-Khee Chee: 9780439309080: …

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Episode 151: Debating Narrative Preaching

Merianna and Sam (and newborn Baby Girl) discuss insider language in denominations, the LGBTQ question facing the United Methodist Church, narrative preaching, and the difficulties of studying for a sermon in 2019 in the age of unlimited entertainment. Support Thinking Religion Links: Obama goes viral after sporting black bomber jacket with ’44’ on sleeve at basketball game | TheHill 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flannery O’Connor | Will the United Methodist Church split up …

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Episode 150: True Love Waits For Instagram Stories to Load

Merianna and Sam tackle Instagram Stories, performative social media, and generational gender divides in reading the Scripture. Support Thinking Religion Links: Franklin Graham on Twitter: “I encourage you to check out @RunTheRaceMovie—in theaters next Friday, Feb. 22. @TimTebow… “ True Love Waits – Wikipedia 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms – Houston Chronicle How Evangelical Purity Culture Can Lead to a Lifetime of Sexual Shame – Broadly

Episode 149: Insta Bible Study

Merianna and Sam discuss Instagram Bible studies, reading the whole Bible in a year, and the search for authenticity in a time of societal shifts. Support Thinking Religion Links: Sam’s Bible Read Through Plan Thomas Merton’s Opening the Bible

Putting the Days to Bed (My Paper Notebooks)

If you’ve met me IRL, you’ve probably noticed I have a notebook either in my shirt pocket or in my hand (or a stack of index cards tucked away somewhere). All of them make awkward appearances when I hear a good quote, someone has a question I need to look up, if I was trying to record a student’s robot time trials, or if the spirit moved me. I’ve long been a doodler since my …

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Free iPhone 6 Plus to a Good Home

We have a spare unlocked iPhone 6 Plus (cracked on lower right but otherwise in good shape) with an Otterbox Commuter case… let me know if you or someone you know would put to use (just needs a SIM card if you want cell service). I can ship in the US for free as well.

Fox Chained to a Car

Via Photogrammar Foxes and I go way back… from Lollards to Wendell Berry.

Live News on Twitter

Nice work by Twitter to have live video of local press conferences and local news up top of the feed (as we wait out the slow arrival of Hurricane Florence here in Columbia). I’ve always used Twitter for live news and updates in text form, so it’s interesting to see them move more into the mobile video side of things…

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