Falling Off a Segway

Good show this week from Lisa and Shawn… The Great Affiliate Summit West 2012 Preview Podcast: “This week on the Affiliate Thing podcast, Shawn Collins and Lisa Picarille preview Affiliate Summit West 2012, covering the list of parties, tips for first time attendees, and how to get a free massage in Las Vegas.” My middle … Continue reading Falling Off a Segway

YouTube Insight for Stats

For all of you stats monkeys out there who have been waiting patiently to see a geographical breakdown of the viewers of your YouTube videos, the wait is over. You can find YouTube Insight under your www.youtube.com/my_account page: YouTube Insight is fairly simple in its offerings but should be adequate for the needs of most … Continue reading YouTube Insight for Stats

Videoclix.tv Is the Future?

VideoClix.tv is attracting a good deal of attention and for good reason. Basically, anything mentioned in a video becomes a keyword that leads to a clickable affiliate link. Even Revision3’s Diggnation is employing their technology… I can’t imagine this sort of technology remaining independent for too long and expect to see a Google or someone … Continue reading Videoclix.tv Is the Future?

Better Metrics for Marketers Coming to YouTube

YouTube had a small event last night in which it unveiled some of the upcoming tweaks and improvements to its video platform. Included with better video editing tools and more distribution is this interesting tidbit… What’s Next for YouTube (Video Editing, Recommendations, Advertiser Analytics): “—For marketers, the ‘real news was YouTube’s announcement of an impending … Continue reading Better Metrics for Marketers Coming to YouTube