Month: October 2015

Bigger Fixes Nothing in Churches

“CHURCH: Stop preaching downloaded sermons from other preachers. If you found it online, so can the congregation. People want to hear your take on God’s Word, not a re-heated sermon from someone else.” Source: Bigger Fixes Nothing (7 Unexpected Steps Toward Church Health) | Pivot | A Blog by Karl Vaters Saving these for later… and for clients. So true.

Goodbye, Oyster.

“Looking forward, we feel this is best seized by taking on new opportunities to fully realize our vision for ebooks. With that, we will be taking steps to sunset the existing Oyster service over the next several months. If you are an Oyster reader you will receive an email personally regarding your account.” Source: oysterbooks Hmm… never a good post to make on a Friday night before Halloween… I wonder if it was poor uptake, …

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This is the perfect opening to a scifi novel…

“With the help of James Jubilee, a former American arms control officer and now a senior science and technology coordinator for health issues in Kazakhstan, Dr. LaPorte tracked down Mr. Dey through the State Department, and his images and documentation quickly convinced them of the earthworks’ authenticity and importance.” Source: NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks Get to writing, someone. I want to read this book and how humanity is shaken to its …

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S.C. teen assaulted by deputy is a recent orphan

“Our kids, who already face enormous pressure in life, should never be subjected to state-sponsored violence while in school. For this young girl, Spring Valley High School should’ve been a refuge.” Source: KING: S.C. teen assaulted by deputy is a recent orphan – NY Daily News

Charity has changed (listen up, churches).

“One thing is clear: Giving has changed, says JoAnn Turnquist, president and CEO of the Central Carolina Community Foundation. “People want to feel ownership of how their dollars are being used,” Turnquist says. Previous generations, Turnquist says, “were brought up to give to institutions, organizations that had secured the community’s trust,” she says. “The donors trusted that their dollars would be used appropriately.” “Move forward to 20- and 30-somethings that are tech savvy, get their …

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“Turn off that phone and do some real work.”

“In our constantly developing world, we have to learn to adapt to change. The fact that we are so dependent on the internet is scary. But the fact that you, as an adult, are struggling to keep up with us and the internet, does not give you the right to say that the way we are learning and growing up and socialising is wrong and we need to go back to how you used to …

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Google Bringing Podcasting to Android and Play Music

“But Google isn’t just trying to create more Serial fanatics on Android. No, it wants to reach people that have never listened to podcasts. And it wants to broaden its media offerings in the fight with Apple, the frequent go-to platform for media producers.” Source: Google Brings Podcasting to Play Music Streaming Service, Android | Re/code I’m excited to see podcasting continue to expand into the “mainstream” of public consumption. Hopefully, NPR doesn’t suck all …

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Your phone’s homescreen is dead; or how native advertising wins in the post-mobile world

“Part of this will entail  a shift in advertising to permission-based advertising:  asking the consumer whether she wants to see an ad — which would be asking her if she wants to receive information — for a particular brand at the current time. The consumer will have the choice: yes, I’m in the supermarket and I want to see the weekly specials; or no, I’m driving and I only want to receive breaking news that’s …

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Go Read Ezra and Nehemiah

“This story came out of nowhere and had me looking at other resources for answers. First, I didn’t really know that Ezra and Nehemiah were. And now, Nehemiah — a name I couldn’t spell in my notebook without writing out each letter looking at the Bible — and he was speaking to me. I flew through the pages.” Source: A Catholic reads the Bible, week 22 – Whatever your religion, non-religion, perspective, or theology… …

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What’s good (and bad) about Amanda Palmer’s style of marketing?

Amanda Palmer did an AMA on the /books subreddit yesterday on the topic of her book The Art of Asking, so the Thinking.FM hosts pulled a Superfriends on Friday night and recorded 90 minutes of thoughtful discussion about Palmer’s tactics and the nature of the artist in an age of self-promotion. I think it’s an interesting conversation that anyone seeking to go out on a limb and chart your own path (whether as a businessperson, …

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Social Media Marketing’s Decline

“It feels weird admitting this, too: We as a Buffer marketing team—working on a product that helps people succeed on social media—have yet to figure out how to get things working on Facebook (especially), Twitter, Pinterest, and more. And that’s super scary to admit.” Source: We’ve Lost Nearly Half Our Social Referral Traffic in the Last 12 Months Brutally honest (but incredibly smart) post by the Buffer marketing team. If you don’t know, Buffer is …

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Writing as Conversation

“If you simply manage to write in spoken language, you’ll be ahead of 95% of writers. And it’s so easy to do: just don’t let a sentence through unless it’s the way you’d say it to a friend.” Source: Write Like You Talk by Paul Graham

Episode 8: Thinking Out Loud 87: Own Your Own Content – Thinking.FM

Elisabeth, Merianna, and Sam talk about the commodity of content and how authors should disseminate that information. They advise authors that they shouldn’t help the rich get richer, but help build their own audience. Show Notes Chuck Wendig Rebooting the Novel Chuck Wendig One Star Reviews Sell More Books Cliff Notes Indie Web POSSE 4 Ways Writers Sabotage Themselves on Facebook Cory Doctorow The Martian Andy Weir’s The Martian Bonnie McKenzie The Enormous Impact of …

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When is a podcast a podcast and when is it a conversation?

Thomas Whitley and I are really enjoying doing this podcast… we missed last week’s episode and it felt (to me) like a big part of my week wasn’t complete. As I said on another podcast that had me on as a guest today, we don’t really think of Thinking Religion as a podcast as much as it is a conversation we’d be having anyway. Thomas and I are just letting you be voyeuristic and listen to a …

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Episode 6: Thinking Out Loud 86: 10,000 Hours Worth of Expertise – Thinking.FM

Elisabeth and Merianna talk about their upcoming conference and why they continue to work in the field of publishing. They also talk about what makes you an expert and when you can call yourself an expert. Elisabeth reminds them both that: “That’s what we do, make it possible for people to get published.” Show Notes Waze Great Valley Bookfest 5 Things You Should Know About Beta Readers The Shocking Truth About the Slush Pile Writer …

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Happy Anniversary, Merianna!

What an adventure it’s already been, Merianna! Looking forward to many more with you.

My Sermon from Emmanuel Baptist Today

Here’s my sermon from this morning at Emmanuel Baptist Fellowship in Lexington, SC entitled “You Don’t Know How to Serve.” Download here. The basic idea is that Mark 10:35-45 is not about sin or atonement, but about subverting hierarchies. Why are churches struggling in 2015? Because churches are supporting the systems that Jesus attempted to break down. In that paradigm, churchers aren’t needed, churches are bitter, and churches don’t matter. More resources on this theological …

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“Censorship that doesn’t look like censorship”

Remember, “free speech” doesn’t always align with the user policies on Facebook, Twitter etc. Own your content and your books or learn to live with the trade off of letting the algorithm decide how you vote… “Censorship that doesn’t look like censorship. It deliberately reduces the spread of information that might otherwise go viral. Vicious. “You can say what you like but no one will hear you. And also, you’ll think no one cared, so …

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Hey Bullfrog

The ability to change our minds is one of the greatest human blessings. To see an issue or a situation, take into account the data presented, be reminded of our past history of decisions, and ultimately come to a conclusion is a wonderful adaptation our mammalian brains have come up with to help us deal with the insanity of existing in this overwhelming universe. “Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles What makes …

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Discount on Handguns if You’re a Christian

Sad. “Christians who are looking a good deal on a gun need look no further than Frontier Firearms. The Kingston, Tennessee liberty-defending establishment began offering 5 percent discounts last week for anyone who says “I’m a Christian” before purchasing a new handgun.” Source: Guns Are Cheaper At This Tennessee Store If You’re a Christian – The Daily Beast

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