If you automate tweets for marketing purposes, you might want to read this

Back in January, Twitter announced upcoming changes to its service that would discourage use of automation tools for “amplification” of tweets. Now we’re beginning to see the effects of this change. One of the great things about using Twitter for marketing is the relative ease of “amping” up tweets and causing increased “velocity” which signals to […]

What Facebook knows about you and me and what I can do about it

Cambridge Analytica harvested personal information from a huge swath of the electorate to develop techniques that were later used in the Trump campaign. Source: How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions – The New York Times I often have consultations with clients involving data sources. Marketing has always been closely tied to the […]

Your logo and Instagram content

Good advice to consider here, particularly for nonprofits and churches on slimmer marketing budgets looking to make the most impact possible on social media… What about content that doesn’t show a clear logo? What about companies with unbranded or non-logoed products? We’ve seen that a huge percentage of the content shared and posted on Pinterest […]

Facebook Nones, Snapchat, and Instagram

We’ve been hearing about the decline of Facebook’s popularity among younger users for years now. It looks like Instagram (owned by Facebook) and Snapchat are finally providing an avenue for “Facebook Nones”: Facebook is losing appeal among teens and young adults which is contributing to generally slowing growth for the platform, according to the latest […]

The Psychology of Instagram

Taking a photo and posting it on Instagram, with or without a mug in the frame, is a way for all of us to become our own historians, grasping at tangible evidence of our time on the planet. “Instagram,” Suler said, “is therefore a tool for validating one’s life.” Source: Instagram Is Ruining Vacation — […]

Authenticity, Social Media, and Presidential Candidates’ Digital Strategy

Mod lineup includes Tablet @tigmobtablet, Mobile @tigmodmobile, and Laptop @tigmodlaptop shown here in cognac. Designed to house your daily gear – also a fantastic inflight companion. #tigmod A photo posted by THIS IS GROUND (@thisisground) on Dec 14, 2015 at 8:27am PST //platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js I think we have two different definitions of “authenticity,” especially as it […]