“I keep remembering that, between Google Reader and its limits (items must have titles), and Twitter with its limits (only 140 chars, no titles, one link, no styling), same with Facebook (no links or styling) that my online writing has diminished dramatically, conforming to the contradictory limits of each of these systems. I keep working … Continue reading Blogging

Shaking up Twitter

Glad to see Dorsey shaking things up now that he’s back at the helm of Twitter. Under previous CEO Dick Costolo and his team, Twitter was pivoted towards becoming a media / advertising company starting in 2010. The beloved API that allowed for a blossoming of third party apps and a vibrant ecosystem was turned … Continue reading Shaking up Twitter

Twitter’s Engagement Problem

Yep: Although closing down the third-party Twitter app ecosystem gave Twitter more control over the advertising dollars on their content, it eliminated many apps and services that were actually helping to filter and personalize Twitter content. Ironically those same apps that were eliminated, were actually helping to sustain and grow higher engagement on Twitter. via Why Twitter’s … Continue reading Twitter’s Engagement Problem

Vine’s Loops and Impact on Social Media Marketing Vine is Twitter’s 6 second short video sharing social network that allows users to capture short videos that loop when viewed. Like Instagram, Vine is an app and the main experience is via mobile rather than the traditional desktop web. Accordingly, Vine is insanely popular with certain demographics (predominately teens – 24 year olds). … Continue reading Vine’s Loops and Impact on Social Media Marketing

Twitter’s New Mobile Ads

Twitter has long had an advertising component available (especially for small businesses). With their recent acquisition (acqui-hire) of MoPub, a mobile ad network, they are now releasing ads specifically targeted for mobile app users on iOS and Android in the apps category. It won’t take long for Twitter to open up their mobile advertising to … Continue reading Twitter’s New Mobile Ads

Twitter Learns from Pinterest

While tools like Storify have been doing something similar to this, Twitter’s newly unveiled custom timelines feature could be incredibly popular (and valuable for your business): Starting today, we are introducing the ability to create custom timelines in TweetDeck. Custom timelines, which were just announced, are a new type of timeline that you control by … Continue reading Twitter Learns from Pinterest

Facebook’s Big Problem

Beautiful and well-argued post from The New Inquiry: Facebook is like a television that monitors to see how much you are laughing and changes the channel if it decides you aren’t laughing hard enough. It hopes to engrain in users the idea that if your response to something isn’t recordable, it doesn’t exist, because for … Continue reading Facebook’s Big Problem

Marketing Is Evolving; Don’t Get Stuck

Fantastic post from SumAll today: The Switch to Continuous Marketing – SumAll – Blog: “Social media platforms and analytics provide an immediate, continuous feedback loop that puts marketing into an entirely new cycle. It’s now possible to get a faster, deeper sense of your potential customer and to tailor marketing materials to a highly specific demographic.” … Continue reading Marketing Is Evolving; Don’t Get Stuck

Facebook Adds Hashtags

Hashtags were “invented” or proposed for Twitter users way back in 2007 when we were still trying to figure out how Twitter worked and might work better. The hashtag caught on and has become an accepted part of global culture from uprisings to Super Bowls. It’s no surprise to see the hashtag become part of … Continue reading Facebook Adds Hashtags