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Google Embraces Content Marketing on YouTube

Using content that you create inside of your businesses marketing efforts is becoming so important for real success and reach on the social web. Whether it’s graphs on Facebook, pictures on Instagram, snippets on Vine or (especially crucial) videos on YouTube, your business should be creating engaging and creative content. Google understands this and is […]

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Spreading Too Thin on Social Sites

Spreading videos you’ve already made (and the ones you haven’t made yet) to social channels is one of the common sense things that many marketers don’t do well. On top of that, making sure to do more than just link or embed your videos on sites as if you’re simply broadcasting is something most marketers […]

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Dear Users of the Internet…

Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify etc are all fantastic… but at the end of the day you have to bring it all back home.

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Falling Off a Segway

Good show this week from Lisa and Shawn… The Great Affiliate Summit West 2012 Preview Podcast: “This week on the Affiliate Thing podcast, Shawn Collins and Lisa Picarille preview Affiliate Summit West 2012, covering the list of parties, tips for first time attendees, and how to get a free massage in Las Vegas.” My middle […]

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YouTube and Google Account Linkage

YouTube and Google Account Linkage

Of course YouTube is owned by Google (and continually pwnd by narcissistic 16 year olds judging from the comments) so it makes sense that your Google Account (the one used to login to GMail, GCal, Google Docs, etc) should include YouTube. But I saw this for the first time this evening when visiting YouTube… Did […]

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Motive Interactive Videos (Chris Rodeno)

We’re doing a few videos highlighting the awesome staff of Motive Interactive this week. Here’s the first featuring affiliate manager Chris Rodeno: More to come…

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10 Steps to Tracking Your Social Reputation

After my whuffie post last week, I had a number of people ask me how to keep track of their social reputation beyond just doing Google searches on yourself or your company’s name. First of all (and perhaps most importantly), you have to get an RSS reader (aka feed reader). You don’t have the time […]

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YouTube Insight for Stats

For all of you stats monkeys out there who have been waiting patiently to see a geographical breakdown of the viewers of your YouTube videos, the wait is over. You can find YouTube Insight under your www.youtube.com/my_account page: YouTube Insight is fairly simple in its offerings but should be adequate for the needs of most […]

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Videoclix.tv Is the Future?

VideoClix.tv is attracting a good deal of attention and for good reason. Basically, anything mentioned in a video becomes a keyword that leads to a clickable affiliate link. Even Revision3′s Diggnation is employing their technology… I can’t imagine this sort of technology remaining independent for too long and expect to see a Google or someone […]

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Better Metrics for Marketers Coming to YouTube

YouTube had a small event last night in which it unveiled some of the upcoming tweaks and improvements to its video platform. Included with better video editing tools and more distribution is this interesting tidbit… What’s Next for YouTube (Video Editing, Recommendations, Advertiser Analytics): “—For marketers, the ‘real news was YouTube’s announcement of an impending […]

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